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An aluminum portico on each side, bound by longitudinal beams that support an up to 4800 mm top whose geometrical contour shows the lightness and beauty of the product.

In the center, the openings to access wiring and plugs. Depending on the use, frontal or lateral dividers can delimit space.

A contemporary line of desks for top management, work teams, meetings or other activities.

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Christopher Sykes .

The English designer Christopher Sykes has an office specialized in corporate furniture design, with the head office in Australia, and he is responsible for products of worldwide success such as the Element and Network lines.

A Graduate from the Royal College of Arts, instead of simply creating design pieces, Skyes developed a concept of holistic furniture systems, with adaptable components that help in life, in flexibility and in the easiness of use.

He is considered a revolutionary of design because with simple ideas he has created new concepts that broke the boundaries of conventional thought.

Especially with the Element system, he was able to add his experience of more than 2 decades to unconventional methods and create what is now considered the system that is most flexible and most compatible with the world’s technological advances.

Chris Sykes continues to strongly impact the furniture universe with innovative ideas and designs.

Products manufactured under license and exclusively by Securit: Element, Network, Casewall, File Cabinets, Lynx, Stand 50, Stand 25 and Alpha 4.



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