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prima colazione

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A surprising solution, organized and unique, storing utensils and electric appliances to enjoy your breakfast: the "prima colazione".

Versatile in its use, it can be the "coffee" place in your office, the "bar" of a living room, the tool kit place... or whatever your imagination may choose.

All built in steel, with KTL protection, it has multipoint power connector, lighting and glass and steel shelves.

Design by Pier Ugo Boffi and Development Team Securit brand Products

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Pier Ugo Boffi .

The internationally renowned Boffi brand, a symbol of high standard kitchens, is part of the life of Pier Ugo Boffi, who together with his two brothers, Dino and Paolo, raised kitchens to the excellence of design.

Responsible for the Boffi company’s production engineering until 1986 and together with the best Italian designers, Pier Ugo took an active part in all Boffi kitchens’ developments.

Until 1990 he assisted Securit, previously licensed by the Boffi company and cooperated intensively in the design of the PUB's kitchen and in Securit's return to the residential segment in 2009.



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